The On Deck Conference was held on February 12, 2013. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it a huge success.

The best new ideas, products and
companies in sports technology

Pitch Contest

Hear a group of six early-stage sports tech startups pitch their products in front of an all-star panel of expert judges from the sports and technology worlds.

Pitch Contest presented by Brand Affinity Technologies




    GEAR FROM THE Yahoo!

Gridiron Grunts is a unique communication channel conceived by pro athletes, for pro athletes and their fans.

This one-of-a-kind service brings pro athlete's thoughts to masses straight from the source — without filters — and connects fans to each other in a unique way.

Pogoseat provides a simple way for fans to upgrade to better seats at game or event. Pogoseat’s mobile and web apps allow for fans to instantly secure upgrades in-stadium, direct from their smartphones.

Pogoseat was founded in 2012 and facilitates upgrades for the Golden State Warriors and Stanford University

StatMilk is a sports analytics platform that delivers sports statistics in a visually compelling way. StatMilk empowers and engages fans by instantly delivering statistics and visualizations not available anywhere else on the web.

StatMilk products and services are intended to serve fans, publishers, and sports organizations alike.

Zenplaya is a location-based mobile marketing and commerce platform that connects people, places and businesses. zenplaya triggers mobile storefronts in real-time when people arrive at their destinations to drive discovery & spending.

Any business or brand can use zenplaya to engage customers with highly-contextual content relevant to where they are and what they're doing.

Mavrx builds autonomous aerial video vehicles that change how and what consumers and professionals capture and publish in action sports. 

Autonomous aerial POV enables action sports professionals and amateurs to document and record their activities through an entirely new and exciting medium—winning new fans, sponsors, and growth potential in the process.

Derby Jackpot is a America's first legal online horse betting game. Through its HTML5 web app, users can bet real money on horse races and watch races live through the app’s streamiing functionality.

Derby Jackpot is in currently beta, with plans for a public launch in early 2013.

Gamblino offers a a new way to wager with friends and win prizes at local bars.

The Gamblino app allows you to bet on sporting events from a mobile device using real time lines in a risk free environment, or go a partner bar and bet against the house to win free food and drinks. It's fun, immersive, and free. Gamblino puts your heart in every game.


At the core of the On Deck Conference mission is the goal to spotlight new technologies and innovations that are enhancing the sports fan experience.

As such, we’ve carved out time in the day to spotlight some of the most cutting edge technologies and innovators in the sports technology space -- from seed-stage startups to major professional sports teams and leagues.

These innovators will each present their technologies in fast-paced, 20 minute presentations, in a format designed to spotlight a wide range of great ideas in sports tech over the course of the conference.

Egraphs is a Seattle-based technology company that is re-inventing the concept of an autograph through a unique technology platform that creates memorable, interactive exchanges between players and their fans.

Crowdtwist is a New York-based technology company focused on loyalty marketing solutions. In the sports Space, Crowdtwist works with the Miami Dolphins to administer the team’s popular Fin Club loyalty program.

Thuzio is a new technology platform that allows for fans to connect with professional athletes by facilitating easy booking for in-person experiences, ranging from coaching to game watches to corporate speaking.

Thuuz is an innovative application which complements the sports game-watching experience through real-time alerts on a given game’s excitement level and other fan-friendly features.

The Washington Redskins have been a leader amongst NFL franchises in their use of digital and social media platforms to connect and engage with the team’s loyal fan base.

Livingsocial is a leading digital marketing company that helps consumers identify local experiences. Livingsocial partners with teams, leagues and venues space to offer unique experiences tailored to sports fans.

Condition One is a video software company that combines the power of the still image, the narrative of film and the engagement of tactile controls to create powerful emotional experiences of ‘being there.’

PrePlay Sports is the world's leading predictive game studio. PrePlay's iOS applications allow users to predict outcomes of live sporting events as part of a competitive, worldwide social contest.

NumberFire is a next generation sports analytics platform that takes unstructured sports data and processes it in order to accurately predict player and team performance.

Opta Sports is a leading sports data company that analyses, stores and distributes live sports data on a wide variety of sports across the world. Opta data is used in the betting industry, TV/print media, sponsorship, and player performance analysis.

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the top-tier professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. Founded in 199, the league is composed of 19 teams — 16 in the U.S. and 3 in Canada.

Omnigon are creative technologists with a proven track record in strategy, technology and the design of digital solutions for clients in the sports and entertainment industries.

Poptip analyzes active conversation on social networks in real time by extracting data from the conversation, and repackages it to make it useful for consumers and enterprise alike, through its data-focused "Insights" and consumer facing “Pages” offerings.

GameChanger is a free mobile scorekeeping app that allows youth and participatory baseball, softball and basketball teams to easily keep score of their games and allows their fans to follow game action in real-time online.

Vox Media focuses on developing high-quality grassroots content on the web. Vox Media sites include sports property SB Nation, technology website The Verge and gaming website Polygon.

LeapSeats provides in-venue seat upgrades direct from your smart phone. The process is simple and puts the ability to improve and upgrade your seats right at your fingertips.

STATS is the world’s leading sports information, content and technology company. STATS' worldwide client network utilizes a broad spectrum of dynamic in-game broadcast presentations and virtual images, multimedia enhancements and game analysis and tactical coaching tools.

DigaForce is the world’s leader in digital and social intelligence. The DigaForce platform allows organizations to better understand what is happening, who is there, and what is being talked about inside stadiums and venues. The DigaForce team is comprised of experts in the fields of military intelligence, geospatial data, information analytics, and algorithm design.

Automated Insights is revolutionizing the content creation process with technology that automatically transforms raw data into narratives, visualizations and interactive applications. The company's software is able to convert large datasets into written word summaries that highlight key trends and insights – in essence, using technology to humanize big data, and to automate knowledge and insight at scale and in real-time.

GAGA’s vision and focus is about engaging and centralizing fans into a cohesive database so that customers can properly message and monetize fan data GAGA collects. For this goal, GAGA invented both a new business category in Sports Media – Social CRM – and a scalable technology, which has proven itself with Premier Sports Properties.

Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT®), founded in 2007, is a technology and marketing services company focused on activating, engaging, and monetizing the FAN. BAT’s offerings power highly-targeted and interactive 360° fan-centric experiences and promotions. Partners include thousands of celebrities, athletes, professional sports teams and leagues, and event promoters.


Check out hands on demos of groundbreaking technologies and products from innovative companies — all in one room!

On Deck's Sports Tech Showcase will house a dozen top sports tech companies, all of whom will be on hand to provide live demos of their products and technologies.

From fantasy to ticketing, to content and social media, the Showcase will feature a diverse group of companies working to improve the life of the sports fan through technology.

Thuzio provides an online platform that connects the public with professional athletes for memorable experiences, from coaching and corporate speaking to social dinners and game watches.

Thuzio launched in August 2012 in the sports category, with plans to expand into other categories including Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyle and Business.

OneTwoSee provides innovative and highly effective interactive and social solutions for the media industry.

Working with clients ranging from major media networks to teams and leagues, OneTwoSee offers a full suite of services and technologies for high-value second screen, social and data visualization solutions.

Pogoseat provides a simple way for fans to upgrade to better seats at game or event. Pogoseat’s iPhone, Android and web apps allow for fans to instantly secure upgrades in-stadium, direct from their smartphones.

Pogoseat was founded in 2012 and facilitates upgrades for the Golden State Warriors and Stanford University athletics.

Omnigon is a team of creative technologists that delivers award winning visual, software and infrastructure solutions for the sports and entertainment industries.

Omnigon's social, mobile, enterprise level systems are in use with clients ranging from NASCAR and FOX Sports to the USTA and Comedy Central. Omnigon is headquartered in New York with offices in Toronto and Kiev, Ukraine.

SportsBoard is a mobile player assessment solution designed by coaches for coaches involved in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, Field Hockey and Rugby.

SportsBoard consists of two components: iOS devices running SportsBoard Apps for mobile collection of assessment data, and a cloud-based service where post-assessment review and analysis is performed.

MeetMeTix provides a mobile ticketing platform for the last hours and last miles around crowded sports and entertainment events where bandwidth can be limited to nonexistent.

Using a combination of Web, SMS and payment technologies, the company enables ticket buyers and sellers easily to connect with each other and to consummate transactions securely and rapidly. MeetMeTix works where and when traditional online services and apps don't, and it's free to sellers.

Silicon Valley Bank provides commercial banking services to emerging growth and mature companies in the technology, life science, private equity and premium wine industries. Through its focus on specialized markets and extensive knowledge of the people and business issues driving them, Silicon Valley Bank provides a level of service and partnership that measurably impacts its clients’ success.

SportsData LLC provides real-time data and editorial feeds to technology, media and fantasy sports companies. SportsData provides complete coverage, with every stat of every game, and SportsData strives to be the most convenient provider to get up and running, with free trials and no set-up charges. SportsData drives innovation in sports by providing products that grow our customers’ businesses, maintaining the highest standards in product quality, customer service and business practices.

Three problems inspired Pickmoto: (1) office pools are still run by email and spreadsheet, (2) fantasy sports deliver a poor mobile experience, and (3) sports games have not evolved past the web.

Our games make office pools fun, quick, and easy. And they are created specifically for mobile. We've spent decades (almost literally) honing our instincts for what makes a great sports fan experience. The result is a game that we love. We hope you do too.

SpotTrot is a mobile commerce platform provider that enables our customers to offer mobile optimized versions of their existing e-commerce site(s), dramatically increasing conversion rates (and revenues) from visitors who access their sites through a smartphone or tablet.

SpotTrot currently powers mobile commerce sites for many of the world’s most-recognized musicians, sports organizations, and entertainment brands, including Live Nation, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Tiger Woods and others.

SeatGeek is the world's largest live event ticket search engine. SeatGeek aggregates ticket listings from over 120 sources online and makes it easy for fans to identify the best ticket values available for hundreds of thousands of live events in North America.

SeatGeek's web and mobile applications use advanced technologies such as interactive stadium maps with row-level detail and DealScore -- a patented technology that identifies the best values on tickets for a given event -- to help fans navigate the heretofore difficult maze of buying event tickets online.