The On Deck Conference was held on February 12, 2013. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it a huge success.


In just a matter of decades, technology has fundamentally changed how sports fans follow and engage with the sports, athletes and teams they love.

At this moment, there are countless innovators and entrepreneurs -- working both in fledgling startup companies as well as for teams, leagues and other legacy players in the sports industry -- focused on applying technology to improve the sports fan experience. We're launching the On Deck Conference to put the spotlight on these technologies, trends, individuals and companies.

We aspire for the On Deck Conference to provide a forum for sports industry executives, entrepreneurs, sports tech startups and fans alike to discuss the key ideas and innovations in this space, as well as to provide a platform to surface promising new technologies and startups that will transform how fans follow sports in the years to come.


We’ve designed the program for On Deck to be highly relevant to both the sports industry and sports startup communities, with a distinct topical focus on technological innovation that is enhancing the sports fan experience.

  • Engaging panels on emerging trends
    in sports technology
  • Rapid Fire Innovation talks from top
    sports technologists
  • Sports Tech startup pitch contest
  • Keynotes from industry leaders
    in sports and technology
  • Demos from top companies and
    startups in the Sports Tech Showcase


Anyone who is interested in sports, sports business, technology and how technology is augmenting the sports fan experience! But in particular...

Sports Industry Executives

From all backgrounds -- including those from teams, leagues, agencies, venues, media companies, and brands.Technology has rapidly and massively altered sports business in a myriad of ways, and it will continue to do so in the future.

On Deck will provide a fascinating sneak peek into the latest trends and best practices regarding sports technology innovation. It will also serve as a a forum for those in industry to interface with innovative sports tech entrepreneurs seeking to bring new products to market.

Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

These innovators are actively working at the bleeding edge of innovation in the sports industry -- either as partners of
teams, leagues and properties, or as competitors going head-to-head with industry stalwarts.

The On Deck conference will provide a platform for these innovators to socialize their products and ideas amongst counterparts in the sports industry, as well as glean new insights that will help spur improvement in their own products and services.


On Deck is organized and presented by the team from SeatGeek,
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