The On Deck Conference was held on October 22, 2013. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it a huge success.


In just a matter of decades, technology has fundamentally changed how we analyze, follow and enjoy the sports we all love.

Founded in 2013, the On Deck Conference is committed to highlighting the technologies, companies, entrepreneurs and innovators most effectively using technology to enhance all aspects of sports. We aspire for our events to provide a forum for industry executives, entrepreneurs, startups and fans alike to discuss key ideas and innovations, and to identify transformative technologies and companies emerging in the sports space.

The inaugural On Deck Conference, held in New York City in February 2013, brought together over 350 individuals for a full-day event spotlighting ''what's next'' in sports technology. This October 22nd, we're bring On Deck to the Bay Area with On Deck West, a new event in San Francisco with a particular focus on emerging sports technology and high-level perspectives from inspiring leaders and innovators in the field.


There will be no panels or lectures at On Deck West. Instead, we've curated some of the most fascinating voices from industry and startups alike to share their views on how technology is altering the sports landscape.

  • Stimulating one-on-one conversations
    with sports and technology leaders
  • Spotlight product demos from
    leading sports technology companies
  • Final round of the On Deck Cup
    sports hackathon series


Anyone who is interested in sports, sports business, technology and how technology is augmenting the sports fan experience! But in particular...

Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

These innovators are actively working at the bleeding edge of innovation in the sports industry -- either as partners of
teams, leagues and properties, or as competitors going head-to-head with industry stalwarts.

On Deck West will provide a platform for these innovators to socialize their products and ideas amongst counterparts in the sports industry, as well as to glean new insights that will help spur improvement in their own products and services.

Sports Industry Executives

From all backgrounds -- including those from teams, leagues, agencies, venues, media companies, and brands. Technology has rapidly and massively altered sports business in a myriad of ways, and it will continue to do so in the future.

On Deck West will offer a fascinating sneak peek into the latest trends in sports technology innovation. It will also serve as a forum for industry members to interface with sports tech entrepreneurs seeking to bring new products to market.


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